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Structured Heat Exchangers

Excess heat is the worlds’s largest untapped energy source. To utilise this potential, innovative structured heat exchangers are being developed. Among other things, the structures are optimised in terms of heat transfer efficiency, mechanical resistance and pressure loss. The structured heat exchangers are set to be a key technology on the road to climate neutrality and will find their way into our everyday lives in a wide variety of applications. For instance, the shower was identified to have a great potential for energy savings, as it is the second largest energy consumer in the household. Previous approaches for heat integration in showers were not successful because they were impractical. Thanks to the new and patent-pending idea in the form of structured heat exchangers, there is now finally a practicable and user-friendly solution.

This project has already won an award at the Forum Junge Spitzenforscher as one of the most outstanding research projects for a resource-efficient circular economy in the University Alliance Ruhr. Details