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Transport processes

Welcome to Transport Processes

Welcome to Laboratory of Transport Processes

The research activity at the Laboratory of Transport Processes focuses on the understanding and characterization of several reactive and non-reactive multiphase flows. The areas of research include:

Multi-scale investigation of high-temperature thermochemical conversion of solids for the production of materials and platform chemicals. Two processes are of main interest, namely biomass pyrolysis and chemical recycling of plastics, also via pyrolysis. The physical and chemical phenomena involved in the multi-phase conversion of these complex materials are investigated numerically, via detailed CFD modelling at pore, particle, and reactor level, as well as experimentally at the same scales.

Numerical and experimental investigation on the formation and propagation of particle-laden and unladen free gas jets applied to safety-relevant events in process engineering. Possible applications include the production, transport, and storage of hydrogen as a key element in the defossilization of the energy and chemical industries.

Development and optimization of innovative structured heat exchangers for industrial and domestic applications via FEM-CFD coupled to experimental prototyping for validation purposes.

The development and application of laser diagnostics for in-situ characterization of flow fields, temperatures, and concentrations constitutes a fundamental part in our research activity and complements the experimental characterization of the investigated flows.

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