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Gas Jets And Transient Vessel Outflows

Depressurisation is one of the most important safety scenarios in the chemical and process industries. The transient outflow of a compressible gas from a pressure vessel is analysed in detail using experimental, numerical and theoretical investigations. The experimental investigations are carried out using high-speed schlieren photography, laser Doppler anemometry and phase Doppler anemometry. Data rates of up to 200 kHz and velocities of up to 433 m/s can be measured.

Although the industry is facing a major change and hydrogen is seen as the future for many sectors, there are still hardly any models for calculating the explosion protection zones for hydrogen. The findings from this research area address this issue and form the basis for universal outflow models.

It was possible to derive and validate a similarity solution for the universal characterisation of the outflow behaviour of subcritical, isentropic pressure relief:

Michael-David Fischer, Simon Baier, Konrad E. R. Boettcher, 2022: "Similarity solution of subcritical pressure discharges from vessels for arbitrary gases", Chemical Engineering Science,